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Complementary and Alternative Health Care

  Dr. Walsh is no longer accepting patients at his Miami, OK office.
  But review the information because other similar offices can offer
you significant healing results with many areas of chronic health
   problems also.  Don't live with chronic degenerative health issues.
   There are natural recourses to a healthier life for many conditions.
The choice is yours.

Your Health Issues For A Natural Solution: Acute or Chronic Health Problems
Natural Approaches For Correction: (examples)
Neck, back, arm, and leg pain; Headaches; Chronic childhood ear infections*;
Wounds (non-healing, surgical, diabetic, pressure, infected)*; Venomous bites*;
Lung problems (COPD - bronchitis, emphysema; asthma); Kidney & liver problems; Addictions;
Cerebral palsy (age considerations)*;
Many stomach/intestinal problems; Sleep disorders;
Persistent pain after surgery (medical & dental); Infant & childhood failure to thrive
Restless leg syndrome; Shingles; TMJ problems; Hyperactivity disorder(s). 

While the health problems marked with an are challenging, exceptional results
can be obtained expeditiously with most accepted cases using conservative care.
Many patients may have received a previous diagnosis with a discouraging or lengthy prognosis,
but every case is different and must be judged on its own merits, allowing consideration
of the possible significant added advantages with natural health care. 

Experience what natural options provide in added recovery to enhance concurrently
provided medical care in difficult cases (complementary),
or as a stand alone therapy (alternative).

Noticeable results start quickly with accepted cases
Brian F. Walsh, B.A., M.A., D.C., F.A.S.A.
28 years experience

Necessary time is taken for evaluation and treatment
Not symptom suppression

Therapeutic Services include:
Comprehensive Chiropractic Care
Acupuncture - F.A.S.A. (needle and non-needle protocols); Meridian Therapy 
Bio-stimulation: Low-level Laser; Light; Resonance-vibrational Treatment(s)
Trigger Point and Soft Tissue Therapy
Cranial Procedures
Nutritional Guidance
Corrective Exercises

This office welcomes for evaluation health issues previously denoted as difficult,
which are slow or non-responsive/unresolved to previous care
Rethink what's possible with integrative health care (examples, page 5)
Less complicated problems respond far more quickly.
Act sooner rather than later.

By appointment only -- Your health is our concern
Insurance commonly issues letters limiting treatment options or outright denial of care, often
resulting in prolonged and/or poor outcomes.  There are beneficial, natural options to evaluate.

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