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CAM - Holistic

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                Complementary and Alternative Medicine used in Holistic Health Care

While the term CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) has been around for a number of years, it is within the last decade that more public attention has focused on the term.  There are a sizable number of research projects that have been completed (with very favorable findings) and an increasing volume of current and future research studies that have been funded for study.  As a result, there are various medical clinics and hospitals now incorporating some of these therapies for an integrative health care approach for the patient.  Depending on the article, there is a general range being referenced of 15% to about 30% of medical facilities using some form of CAM therapy.  A larger percentage of facilities are making referrals to integrate this form of holistic health care, such as to this Natural Health Center, which work exclusively with these services.   Insurance (with its emphasis on cost constraints) is very limited or mostly nonexistent for coverage of this type of care.

Quite often a patient has options in determining their quality of life with a difficult health problem.  For many diagnoses, it is left up to the individual and/or family to make the determination to spend an extensive period of time, or worse - a lifetime, having a problem managed by a third party payer covering the least costly maintenance care or decide to personally cover the expense and greatly improve or frequently resolve the health issue. The longer a difficult problem continues, there is increasing permanent damage.

A central tenet of natural health care is a term you've heard about in 7th and 8th grade science and high school biology - homeostasis (also called innate intelligence).  This is the natural internal ability of an organism to maintain a physiological state of well being; this includes its own healing responses.

In natural health care, there is an emphasis on staying healthy.  Again, this goes back to middle and high school health science classes: eating right; getting adequate rest; regular exercise; and avoiding as many toxins as possible (primary importance - tobacco and alcohol use/abuse).  There are only between 3% to a maximum of 7% of the population following these basic complete set of routines, depending on the article reviewed.  The average person hasn't taken time to maintain their basic state of health, but it's seldom too late to start.

At the point there is a heath problem, natural heath care works with the diagnosis and treatment of health issues without the use of drugs or surgery.  There are those times when an insidious process catches a person off guard, an accident, or something that is chosen to be ignored until it becomes a major medical problem that will require emergency medical attention.  But even in these cases, natural health care shortens the recovery time and strengthens healing.  This is integrative health care for the greater benefit of the patient.

At this natural health center, treatment includes, but is not limited to: physiological therapeutics (balancing structure and function); acupuncture/meridian therapy (balancing internal energies); bio-stimulation; soft tissue and trigger point therapy; therapeutic exercises; and nutritional recommendations and changes.

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