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Advantages - Holistic health care

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                          Advantages of Incorporating Holistic Care for a Healthier Life

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature truly cures the disease."
                                                                                  Voltaire - author & philosopher

"Of all the self-fulfilling prophecies in our culture, the assumption that aging means decline and poor health is probably the deadliest."
                                                                                         Marilyn Ferguson - author

The 5 most dangerous words - "Maybe it will go away."

"Drugs are not always necessary.  Belief in recovery always is."
                                             Norman Cousins - political journalist, author, & professor

"It should be the function of medicine to have people die young as late as possible."
                                                                               Ernst Wynder, M.D. (1922-1999)

CAM Modalities

May, 2007   Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

    Over the course of a seven year study, data from 2003 to 2005, which was a follow up
    to data collected from 1999 to 2002 and published in 2004, patient's visiting 
    holistically-oriented physicians who serve as primary care providers (PCPs) have lower
    medical utilization costs and higher patient satisfaction levels with the health care 
    received.  This was data in which researchers directly compared cost and clinical 
    utilization of integrative complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), by an 
    Independent Physicians Association (IPA) with medical data from members enrolled in 
    a traditional HMO (Health Maintenance Organization).  The conditions treated ranged
    from upper respiratory tract infections and allergies to headaches, orthopedic, and
    other diverse medical conditions.

    In a brief summary, patients of CAM-oriented primary health providers had 60% less
    hospitalizations, 62% less outpatient surgical cases, and 85% lower pharmaceutical
    costs when compared with total HMO utilization rates and costs.

Further cases and examples of what can be accomplished using cooperative conservative integrative health care options for acute and chronic problems can be found in studies being examined by SLiiM (St. Louis Institute of Integrative Medicine) and NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine). 

"You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well."
                                                    Dr. Wayne Dyer - psychotherapist, author, & lecturer


Positive Health Definition

     World Health Organization, from 1948 to the present.

     Health - "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not
     merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

     Most health care delivered today is narrowly defined and in the negative.  It is  
     care for ill health in its severe manifestations.  This is where most insurance provides 
     its services (obviously needed at this stage).  But this only allows health at the
     lowest levels, minimally keeping you alive today, but not a fully functioning, active 
     individual enjoying life.  Allow yourself a positive health expression, not an
     existence defined by increasing limitations.

Symptom Management

     Pharmaceutical companies specifically advertise, "control your symptoms."  This is
     not a cure.  At this point you are a lifelong patient with ever increasing medications 
     to be a part of your future, because you will eventually need more medications to 
     control side effects from medications (symptom relievers) you're already taking.  This
     is health care delivered at its lowest level.

     Yes, there are times when medications are needed. Hopefully, this is for short
     durations, or at least a minimal number of medications at the lowest strength
     levels over an extended period of time.  Studies and professional estimates put the
     range of figures for overmedication at 75 to 85 percent.

How much is too much?

     Prescription multiplication

     A patient is bothered by sleeplessness due to stress (with an otherwise clear
     health history): 1st prescription - sleeping pills; several weeks later, lung problems
     - another prescription; a couple of months later, a heart arrhythmia - another 
     medication; soon seizures develop - (you guessed it) more medications.
     (Remember, if you have the time and don't mind the discomfort, insurance will
     pay for this progressive medication induced deterioration.)

     Adverse effects 

     Adverse effects may be misinterpreted as a health condition getting worse when it
     is a side effect of several different medications interacting in a negative way.  Side
     effects of single drugs can be made worse by 2 or more drugs interacting together,
     also called toxic, collateral side effects.

     It becomes impossible to predict side effects of a drug and drug combinations when
     each individual has their own unique biochemistry.

          A recent case (for this office) - an individual with a sore arthritic joint was given
          a medical prescription which in 3 days severely burned their esophagus and
          stomach and placed the individual in intensive care for 2 weeks, and 4 weeks of
          continued weekly outpatient care.  The individual then sought natural wellness
          care for the sore joint, which was cleared in 3 visits.  The remaining 
          gastrointestinal discomfort from the adverse prescription reaction was also
          cleared in this same time period.

     When you start to take a minimum of 3-4 or more prescription medications (and
     probability one or more over the counter meds), you need to seriously look at 
     alternatives for your deteriorating condition.  Don't spend several years on 
     gradually increased medications and then realize there is no exit strategy.  And
     as noted in medical literature, newer drugs generally produce more side effects
     because they are more complex drugs.

     Prevalence for adverse reactions (American Medical Association - 1996)

     Death rates for adverse reactions
          108,000 per year
          (9,000 per month, 2,076 per week, 295 per day)
          Other studies for 2008 put the death rate at 250,000 per year 

     Adverse Event Reporting System  (only includes very serious reactions)
          2,199,999 per year
          (183,333 per month, 42,307 per week, 6,027 per day) 


     The nervous system is especially vulnerable to toxins.

     In 2007, there were 105,000 toxic chemicals in the EPA's inventory and 1,500
     are added annually.

     The first four categories (of 10) of the most common chemicals recognized for 
     adverse health problems include:
          1)  Industrial chemicals
          2)  Pesticides
          3)  Therapeutic drugs
          4)  Recreational drugs

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