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Rethink what's possible - Resolved problems with natural health care

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Rethink what's possible: 

After obtaining a thorough history and physical evaluation, if we reasonably expect solid results within 6 weeks and the patient wishes to proceed with care, the case is referred to as accepted.  There are occasional cases which we wouldn't expect results with our procedures and we would make additional recommendations for possible referrals to other health care providers that may not already been previously considered.  Finally, there are some cases which are questionable as to how fully they would respond.  Quite often these individuals want to proceed with a few visits to evaluate if they would obtain results because they have exhausted most if not all other resources. This office works with this type of case for 6 visits, and if there is no obvious change for the better, we inform the patient that the health situation is not likely to change with our procedures.  The same is true with rare cases which we are expecting good results; there would be a re-evaluation after 6 visits if obvious improvement is not being seen.  Most accepted cases will see significant results in 4 - 6 weeks, if not recovered at this point.  Cases which we expect good results average a 90-95% success rate.  Cases which are questionable, average a 60-65% success rate.  Please remember these are the difficult cases (slow or non-responsive to previous care).  More common or routine problems respond far more quickly with a higher rate of success.

Examples of resolved difficult problems:

Adult, mid 40's, diffuse cranial nerve symptoms - continuous, severe, and progressive.
     The patient's symptoms included: strong unpleasant tastes and smells for no
     reason, tongue and teeth hurting, eyes hurting and not being able to get corrective  
     lenses that worked, ears hurting with strong tinnitus, frequent headaches, and "my
     hair hurts".  This had progressively gotten worse over a few years, to the point the 
     patient was soon going to quit work.  The individual had seen a list of doctors
     (general practitioners and specialists) too long to list.  Each doctor had been seen
     several times and there had been multiple x-rays, MRI's, and CT scans.  There had
     been no diagnosis.  Referral to our office was by another health practitioner because
     there was no one else to see medically.  Results were seen after the first visit and
     there were no further symptoms by the end of 3 weeks, with no relapses in the
     following years.   

Infant, under a month of age
     The parents had been told previously the baby had colic.  The baby couldn't keep
     milk down, there was vomiting, extreme discomfort with screaming, and the baby
     couldn't sleep.  On the first visit, the parents saw a complete change and 
     followed through with care for 2 weeks to insure there were no relapses.

Adult, mid 40's, 20 cm abdominal surgical incision
     The patient had major abdominal surgery a year earlier and had not returned to
     work.  The surgical wound presented extreme inflammation, swelling, and areas
     of the incision were intermittently breaking open.  The wound and whole 
     abdominal area were painful.  The patient could not walk without assistance and
     was under continued medical care.  With added care through our office, the wound
     healed in one month and the patient was walking a quarter mile without assistance.
     The following month the individual could walk a mile and returned to work in 3

Early adolescent - failure to thrive 
     For several years there had been continuous restless, fitful sleep, with night terrors
     and enuresis.  The patient was lethargic, with blood shot eyes, and having low back
     and abdominal pain.  Medical evaluations were indeterminate.  The first week of
     treatment, there was a complete reversal of all symptoms.  The family followed up
     for the month to insure there were no relapses.

Adult, mid 60's, low back pain
     For 2 years the patient had been using a walker after a low back injury playing
     golf.  The reported previous medical evaluation had been arthritis and the individual
     would have to live with it, trying various prescriptions (which didn't work).  Referral 
     was by a friend who was a patient of this office and was tired of watching the 
     companion act many years older.  With treatment, the individual was playing golf
     again in one month (with the friend who brought the patient to the office).

Adult, late 30's, leg wound
     The patient had an infected lower leg, from the knee down to below the ankle.  
     It started with a cut that became infected one year previous.  The infection
     continued to spread while the patient was under continuous medical evaluation,
     prescriptions, and wound care.  With additional treatment through this office, the leg
     healed in three weeks, and the individual followed through with additional short term
     care to insure there was no re-occurrence.

Older adult, mid 70's, ankle wound
     A wound started with a brown recluse spider bite 2 & 1/2 months earlier, just
     below the outside ankle.  It was a large silver dollar size wound, continuing to
     spread in circumference and in depth to the bone.  With treatment this wound
     healed short of 3 weeks.

Adult, late 30's, torn rotator cuff
     The patient had severe limitations of any arm movement because of pain.  The
     patient had hurt the shoulder 6 months previous.  The medical diagnosis was
     a torn rotator cuff and surgery was recommended.  The patient had no insurance.
     With treatment, the individual had full pain free range of motion in 6 weeks at
     about 20% of negotiated medical costs (if surgery had been performed).

Adult, mid 20's, headaches
     For 6 - 7 years the patient had frequent reoccuring headaches, lasting 2 - 3 days
     at a time.  There had been intermittent medical evaluations.  There were no
     further reported headaches after the first visit, and there was follow up care for
     2 weeks, after which the individual would call if the headaches reoccured.  There
     has been no relapses in the following years.

Adult, late 30's, allergic to latex
     The patient had accidentally been examined medically the day before on the face
     with latex gloves.  A prescription was given, but the individual's face was continuing
     to swell and was inflamed.  The patient stated that even with the prescription the
     reaction would have continued 2 - 3 weeks.  One treatment added at our office and
     there was no redness or swelling the next day.  The reaction was "this type of 
had never happened before".

Adult, early 50's, post dental surgical pain
     6 weeks previous the patient had dental surgery.  Immediate jaw pain had
     developed which was continuous and frequently severe, with pain killers reportedly
     taking the edge off the severe pain.  The patient had 75% relief after the first
     week, and was pain free in 2 weeks.


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